"50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" di JD Walter, JWalrec productions (dettaglio di copertina) (jdwalter.com)

"50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"

di Corrado Antonini

Ran Blake; Addio a Lugano; Sunnyside

David Keenan; Love In A Snug; Rubyworks

Allen Ginsberg; Complaint Of The Skeleton To Time; Island

Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet; 21st March (var.); ECM

Kurt Elling; The waking; Concord

Cesare Basile; Chitarra rispittusa; Urtovox

Rudy Royston; The Roadside Flowers; Greeleaf Music

The Caretaker; The Way Ahead Feels Lonely; History Always Favours The Winners

Danyèl Waro; Naraini; Cobalt

Ray Bryant; Teddy the Toad; Emarcy

Lolomis; Hyrkania; Buda Musique

Kammerflimmer Kollektief; Blind; Staubgold

Jeff Baker; And So It Goes; OA2 Records

Al Cohn and his "Charlie's Tavern" Ense; Autumn leaves; RCA

Tanya Tagaq; Ajaaja; Six Shooter Records

Barbara; Les Mignons; Philips

Nicole Herzog & Stewy von Wattenwyl Group; Lover Man; Brambus Jazz Records

JD Walter; 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover; JWalrec productions

Hilary Hahn; Two Pieces; Deutsche Grammophon

Andy Partridge; Born out of Your Mouth; Ape House

Kapelle Kessler; Half Moon; Unit Records

Chlopcy Kontra Basia; Mama Ja Meza (I Have a Husband); Riverboat Records

Gerard Presencer & Danish Radio Big Band; Another Weirdo; Edition Records

Ora in onda Colpo di poesia In onda dalle 19:50
Brani Brani in onda Quoi de plus anodin (Empty pockets) - Camille Bertault Ore 19:47