"I Will Not Be Safe"

di Corrado Antonini

John Coltrane; Village Blues (Take 1); Impulse!

Enzo Moscato; Giacca rossa 'e russetto; SquiLibri

Alabaster DePlume; I Will Not Be Safe; International Anthem

Yinon Muallem; Norwegian oud; Autoproduzione

Ku-Umba Frank Lacy & Mingus Big Band; Weird Nightmare; Sunnyside

Anna Tivel; Shadowland; Fluff And Gravy Records

Daniel Herskedal; The Roc; Edition Records

Philip Clemo; Magnetic; All Colour Arts

I Gatti Mézzi; Sòr Tentenna; SAM

Denys Baptiste; Peace On Earth; Edition Records

David Lang; The difficulty of crossing a field; Cantaloupe Music

Masayoshi Fujita; It's Magical; Erased Tapes

Noa Lur; Cry Me A River; Youkali Music

Christopher Zuar Orchestra; Lonely Road; Sunnyside

Peppe Fonte; I Sogni dei Figli; Squilibri

Soan; Pustule; Note a Bene

Nova; A Life to Remember; Autoproduzione

Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible; Blue Skies; Spiritmuse Records

Emily D'Angelo; Fólk faer andlit; Deutsche Grammophon

Caetano Veloso; Branquinha; Philips

Lia Pale; In A Wonderful Sweet Hour (Ich will meine Seele tauchen); Lotus Records

Canzoniere del Lazio; O Roma Roma; I Dischi del Sole

Bill Charlap Trio; Too Late Now; Impulse!