"Nelle stelle"

di Corrado Antonini

The Jamie Saft Quartet; Yesternight; RareNoise Records

Joe Rainey; ch. 1222; 37d03d

Bourvil; Les Terrassiers; Pathé Records

Bang On a Can All-Stars; Hz; Cantaloupe Music

Lea DeLaria; Space Oddity; Ghostlight Records

Anna Tivel; Illinois; Fluff And Gravy Records

Kelly Moran; In Parallel; Warp Records

Maarja Nuut; Siidisulis Linnukene; Autoproduzione

Ayanda Sikade; Mdantsane; Afrosynth Records

Govrache; Pigeons; Yapadka

Saba Alizadeh; Only Hope Breaks the Dark Waves; 30M Records

David Linx; Poses; Sound Surveyor

Andy Sheppard Quartet; A Letter; ECM

Banda Elastica Pellizza; Le forze disarmanti; Incipit Records

Paolo Benvegnù; Nelle stelle; Black Candy Records

Katrin Marti & Peter Zihlmann; Nearly Lost; Brambus Records

Annie Ross; Go To The Wall; Cherry Red Records

Fazil Say; Kumru; Adamusic

Daniel Knox; Don't Touch Me; Carrot Top Records

Kapsamun; Flutura Iku; Brambus Records

Serge Gainsbourg; Les Cigarillos; Mercury

Cyrus Chestnut; Easy Living; HighNote