Cinque volte sul podio nella località austriaca
Cinque volte sul podio nella località austriaca (Keystone)

La Shiffrin salta l'apertura di Sölden

La campionessa americana costretta ai box dalla schiena

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Mikaela Shiffrin non sarà al cancelletto di partenza della prima gara di Coppa del Mondo. La campionessa americana ha annunciato sui propri profili social che salterà il gigante di Sölden (17-18 ottobre) per dare tempo di guarire completamente alla sua schiena, infortunata la settimana scorsa durante una sessione di allenamento sugli sci.

Da 8 anni sempre al via in Austria, la 25enne di Vail è salita in 5 occasioni sul podio, trionfando una volta nel 2014. "Non esserci è davvero frustrante - ha spiegato una Shiffrin molto delusa - ma per fortuna sarò presto in grado di tornare a gareggiare".

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As most of you probably know (if you don’t then mark your calendars now!) the @fisalpine World Cup opener at Soelden is just over one week from today ... but much to my disappointment, I will not be able to start this year. After tweaking my back skiing last week, I have been advised to sit Soelden out to let my back heal so I can race the rest of the season. Having started in Soelden for the last eight years straight, this feels...really frustrating and strange (for lack of better words). Luckily, this injury will heal and I will be back in the start soon... (and I can’t wait). While this is a bummer to not be racing myself, I am super psyched to watch my teammates compete. They are looking strong, fast, and fired up . I’ll be cheering as loud as I can for our US women and men next weekend and I hope you will be too! I want to thank everyone, from my sponsors to the media, to the fans, the U.S. Ski Team staff and my teammates, and especially my hometown community, family and friends, for your support in this whole process and for helping me get back out there doing the sport I love. YA’LL... this is HAPPENING. With all the uncertainty throughout this year, we are only ONE WEEK (and a day) away from the start of the World Cup season and that is something to be really excited about. Okay, maybe my countdown has been delayed, but the big countdown is ON and I can’t wait for it to start. I’m wishing the best to everyone racing in Soelden, and I’ll see you all soon. (: Dad)

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